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Whether your gas lines are above ground or underground, they can corrode and deteriorate over time. It’s important to get regular gas piping services in Methuen to detect any gas or plumbing leaks before they happen. Failing to detect a gas leak can seriously harm your home and health.

Here are some signs that you need to look out for:

Distinct odor

One of the most common ways to detect a gas leak is its smell. Natural gas doesn’t have a natural odor, which made traditional leaks extremely dangerous in the early days. However, natural gas is now mixed with methyl mercaptan to give it a distinct smell—this sulfurous substance can instantly let your nose know that something’s wrong.

Hissing sound

Gas usually escapes through very small holes in the fitting or pipes. The speed at which it travels through the hole causes a hissing sound. Turn off any noisy fans or appliances, and keep an ear out for the sound to check for leaks.

Failing or dying plants

Natural gas isn’t good for living beings, whether they be humans, animals, or plants. If you have plants around your home, and you notice them suddenly withering or dying, it might be because of a gas leak. Investigate whether there’s a certain area where your plants tend to die or fail more often than others. This might be where the gas leak is situated.

Strange animal behavior

A gas leak isn’t deadly for animals if they can access clean air. However, high levels of gas in a confined space can cause strange behavior in animals. Watch your pet for any behavioral changes, such as fatigue, lack of appetite, or vomiting.

Strange movements

Gas leaks are usually highly pressurized and can create a jet. This jet can cause light substances or materials such as foliage on a bush or tree, fine dust, or paper to move as it gets pressed by the gas jet. While many different factors can also cause this type of movement, it’s a good indicator for you to check if there is a bigger problem.

Bubbles in water

One great way to tell if there is a gas leak is to do a bubble test. It also works for anything else that contains highly pressurized gas, like propane tanks, inner tubes, and tires. Mix a little bit of dish soap into a large bowl of water and use a sponge or cloth to wipe over the suspected area of the leak. You’ll see bubbles form on the surface of the pipe or joint, indicating a leak.

A gas burner

Call a Professional

If you’ve noticed any of the signs above, you need to call a gas pipe installation expert in Warner. Don’t try to tackle your gas leak by yourself—make sure that you call the relevant authorities. To prevent any gas leaks in the first place, make sure that all your gas appliances are installed by a professional such as those at Gotme Under Pressure. We provide 24/7 gas pipe installation, boiler repair, and leaky faucet repair services to help you out.

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