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We get it; we all hate to clean shower drains! From taking out the broken, long hair strands to flushing the drain, it’s a job that we think is best left to experts. But considering the average price of plumbing repairs in the US, it’s not always wise to call a plumbing service to open up a clogged drain.

There are ways that we can prevent our drains from clogging in the first place and avoid nasty situations. If you have had enough of seeing your showers turn into a nuisance or calling a plumbing service every other week, this is the blog for you to read.

Take a look at some of the simple (and non-messy) ways to keep your shower drain clear and in perfect condition.

Regular Cleaning Goes a Long Way

Yeah, we mentioned we hate cleaning shower drains like you. But we’re talking about a different kind of cleaning that can help you keep your shower drain clear of disgusting hair strands and soap scum. Regular cleaning can help you avoid getting your shower drain dirty, and it’s fairly simple to do it.

Make a routine to pour baking soda along with hot water into your shower drain every time after a shower. This will clear all the clogging and keep your drains in great condition.

Be Mindful of What Goes Down the Drain

Always be vigilant about what is entering a shower drain. Make sure to avoid grease, soap scum, and hair strands from falling into the drain and causing a blockage. Not only a clogged shower drain is unpleasant to deal with it can also result in costly plumbing repairs if left unattended for a long time.

Use a Drain Cap

If you ask how to prevent unwanted stuff from entering a shower drain, the answer is a drain cap. If you have lost your drain cap, it’s time to get a new one. Fix the drain cap on the top of the drain and prevent hair, soap, oils, and toiletries from entering plumbing pipes.

 Three toiletries bottles on a shower rack

Choose Your Toiletries Smartly

If you have been using facewash, shampoo, or toothpaste that contains microbeads, it stops now! A  single use of microbeads products allows 100,000 of these little particles to go into the drain.

Not only is this practice harmful to your home’s plumbing, but also to the environment. Choose toiletries that are less likely to damage your shower drain.

Vinegar and Soda are Your Best Friends

Want to avoid drain cleaning for good? Use vinegar and baking soda to unclog your drains every week. Vinegar and soda are natural yet very effective agents that can keep your shower drains clear.

Don’t Hesitate To Call In Experts

But if things have gotten out of hand, immediately call us at GotmeUnder Pressure. We are a plumbing contractor offering plumbing and piping repairs, gas fitting services, and drain cleaning services in Methuen.

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