Services for NH


          Boiler installations and Repairs                

  • Frozen, leaky, noisy or corroded pipes repaired. Pipe installation & prevention of frozen pipes.

  • Steam boiler install & repair.  

  • Replace your old boiler. High effiency boilers instalation. 

          Drain Cleaning

  •  Lawn sprinkler repairs.

  • Find and fix concrete slab leaks. Pipes leaking ,repair.

  • Annual plumbing and boiler inspections, gas pipes and boilers,water distribution, drains, vents through the roof, gas lines etc.

  • Winterization, boiler cleaning.

  • Dryer/vent install, Garbage Disposal & Dishwasher installs.

  • Drain cleaning   24/7.

         Gas Services

  • Gas pipe update, ie underground leaks. and above ground.

  • Space heater install/repairs, Natural /LP.

  • BBQ grill gas piping, Natural/ LP.

  • Gas Range installs, Natural/LP.

  • Fireplaces, Natural Gas/LP.

  • Pool heaters, Natural Gas/LP.

  • Baseboard heating, install/repair. Cosmetic fixes too!

  • Heat conversions, electric baseboard to forced hot water.

  • hang your gas pipe properly according to code enforcement laws.

  • Dryer hook ups, Natural Gas/LP

  • Gas cook top units