Services for MA


  • Ice maker installs/condensate pumps.

  • Dishwasher installs and garbage disposals.

  • New plumbing fixtures installations/toilets 1.6 gallon flush, water saver one piece quiet flush toilets.

  • Frozen, leaks, noisy, corroded pipes, insulate pipes. 

  • Outside faucets installation, frost free cillcock, this faucet you dont have to drain in the fall.

  • Water heater installations, gas, electric, or tankless.

  • Water line installs/ copper or pex tubing.

  • Water meter installs/ sprinklers, garden ( deduct water meters)

  • Back water valves.

  • Water main shut-off, pipe insulation prevent frozen pipes.

  • Find and fix concrete slab leaks, pipe under the ground or floor.

  • Whole house water filtration, installation/repair.

  • Well pump and tank, install/repair. Water pressure boosters installed.

  • Annual plumbing & heating check-ups.

  • Laundry valves, install/repair


Gas pipes

  • Gas piping & fitting, install/repair, find leaks.

  • Dryer install.

  • Range oven installs.

  • Fireplaces, Natural/LP. 

  • Pool heaters, Natural Gas/LP installation.

  • Boilers and hi-efficiency boilers, install/repair.

  • Baseboard heating, install/repair

  • Heat conversions, electric baseboard to forced hot water. Cozy, com heaters, vented.

  • Oil tank installation/removal

  • Space heaters Natural/LP


Commercial Services

  • Urinal, install/repairs

  • Floor drains, install/repair

  • Pot sinks, install/repair

  • Dishwasher, install

  • Garbage disposal, install/repair

  • Backflow preventer, install/repair

  • Roof drains, install/repair/unclog.

  • Flushometers, install/repair.

  • Cast iron drain pipe, install/repair.